How To Prepare Your Manufacturing Plant for Roof Repairs

How To Prepare Your Manufacturing Plant for Roof Repairs

If you run a manufacturing plant, you know that hitting a build quota is a top concern, but the work doesn’t stop there. Building managers know the entire facility, including warehouse roofing, must be in excellent condition. When unexpected damage occurs inside the plant, it could shut down production. Planning for warehouse roof repair could make or break your fiscal quarter. If you find your workplace needing a little TLC, follow these tips to keep things running smoothly.

Do Not Attempt Warehouse Roofing Repairs Yourself

It can be tempting to try and fix a minor issue on your own, but hiring an expert is always the best choice. Shoddy work can result in further damage and expenses. Always hire a licensed roofer for warehouse roof repair.

Request Multiple Bids for Your Job

Get quotes from several contractors before hiring someone. Don’t be afraid to ask other manufacturing plants in your area for recommendations. While cost is important, price shouldn’t be your only consideration. Be sure to look at the full scope and time estimates for potential work.

Prepare Your Team

Depending on the size of the warehouse roofing job, your company’s work may need to pause for a few days. Meet with your employees to discuss any possible mess or noise. Consider allowing eligible employees to work remotely to minimize disruption in operations.

Unlike office employees, line workers cannot work from home. Consider rescheduling shifts to off-hours. Giving the staff a heads up will result in a more seamless transition into the construction.

Notify Your Customers

Inform your customer-facing departments of potential stalls in production. These departments can inform their client base and prepare them for possible delays. When the entire company knows what to expect, people can plan for downtimes. Ramping production in the weeks leading up to construction could compensate for disruptions caused by warehouse roof repair.

Prepare the Factory’s Interior

Preparing your workspace is essential. Standard manufacturing facilities should protect equipment with plastic covers. Some industries, like medical device manufacturing, require more attention. If your facility has a clean room, you may need extra precautions to protect the area from dust, debris and temperature fluctuations.

Ask About Materials

Certain warehouse roofing system materials may not be the best fit for your existing structure. An experienced roofer should be well-versed in all available roofing products and know what will work best for your facility.

Excessive heat, chemicals and other industry-specific manufacturing methods could be harsh on warehouse roofing products. Discuss the particulars of your business with your contractor before restoration work begins. When your roofer understands your needs, they can choose suitable materials for your project.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Sometimes, as a job progresses, more significant issues arise. Regular check-ins with your contractor will keep you informed of any setbacks. It may be necessary to halt work and reevaluate the situation before moving forward. A slight pause in work could save time and money in the long run.

Plan for the Future

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your roof in top shape for years to come. Create a schedule to regularly inspect your roof for soft spots, leaks and other damage. Checking your roof every six months is ideal. Autumn and spring are great times to look for extreme weather damage from winter and summer. Address issues as soon as they arise so you can curb minor problems before they become significant issues.When you need warehouse roof repair, do your homework. Speak with reputable contractors, prepare your workplace and stay informed. At Benton Roofing, we are experts in warehouse roofing solutions. Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your roof. We will keep your business covered.

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