Learn These Effective Ways To Maintain a Wood Shake Roof

There’s no doubt that your roof is one of the most important parts of your facility. A well-built roof protects you, your staff, and your assets from the elements. It also gives you security and comfort. There are aesthetic elements as well that you need to think about. The roof can complement various aspects of your brand, business, and property, including the siding, color and landscaping. People love wood shake roofing because it adds a rustic appeal to any building. What we have found, some businesses choose this material but don’t invest the time to properly maintain it. With attention and hard work, a wood shake roof should last for 30 years or more. However, neglect can considerably reduce the roof’s lifespan.

Keeping Up a Maintenance Schedule

Cleaning your roof or repairing issues isn’t something you can do once or twice and not worry about it ever again. It takes a concerted effort and consistency to keep this type of roof looking nice and functioning well. A good general rule is to take action for specific steps every two years. However, you may need to address problems more often. The key is to keep a close eye on the roof and to inspect it regularly. It’s especially critical to get on the roof and examine it after a storm.

Clearing the Rain Gutters

Your rain gutters are an essential extension of your roof, but over time, leaves, sticks, dirt and other debris will collect in them. This hinders their effectiveness and can lead to significant drainage problems, leaks, and flooding. 

Poorly maintained gutters can spell doom for your roof. If water doesn’t drain off, it can collect on the shingles and cause the shakes to deteriorate. Make sure you clear the rain gutters a few times a year, especially during the spring and fall when winds pick up.

Removing Debris

The rain gutter isn’t the only spot where items will collect on or near the roof. The wood shake shingles themselves can accumulate their fair share of debris. Wind and storms will leave pine needles, moss, leaves, tree branches and a host of other materials on the roof. While some of this may blow off, much of it can get caught between the shingles. This can prevent water from running off the roof into the gutters. The consequences of this could be disastrous for your roof. Eventually, too much debris could cause the shakes to break.

Treating the Wood Shake Roofing

There are effective ways to maintain the color of the roof’s shingles. Treating the roof with high-quality products can help you preserve the brilliant colors and keep the roof looking new. Some products can also effectively repel water and fungus. Other products will keep pests away. You may even be able to find fire-repelling treatments. Just like you would stain a fence or stain every couple of years, you should add this treatment to the roof frequently. Depending on the harshness of the weather where you live and how old your roof is, you may want to treat the shingles every year. Talk to a professional to determine the best type of treatment your roof may need. 

Watching Out for Trees

Trees and wood shake roofing don’t get along well. If you have trees around your building, make sure you trim them so the branches don’t touch the roof. Failing to do this could result in damage to the wood. Trees are also common culprits of the appearance of fungi. Keep a close eye on closer trees, and remove branches and twigs promptly.

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