Sysco – Selma, NC


Sysco approached us to roof an expansion to their facility in Selma, NC. This expansion included a dry warehouse, cold dock, and freezer covering 130,000 square feet. It was essential that the roofing system was vapor-tight so no moisture could enter the building and create ice, contaminate food products, or damage inventory.

Commercial roof installation on Sysco building in Selma NC by commercial roofing contractor Benton Roofing


Sysco is a multination corporation involved in marketing and distributing food products and services. When they decided to expand their facility in Selma, NC, they chose Benton Roofing to protect their valuable inventory.

The expansion project included 130,000 of cold storage, including a dry warehouse, cold dock, and freezer. It was essential that their roofing system be vapor-tight because any moisture entering the building could create ice, contaminate food, or damage their products in other ways. Since protecting their climate-sensitive inventory was a priority, they wanted to work with a roofing company with expertise in creating proper protection barriers.

We worked with a design team to create a competitive budget that would meet Sysco’s unique and specialized cold storage requirements. Our highly-skilled crew executed the project flawlessly — offering superior protection for the inventory and peace of mind to the owner.