Tietex International – Spartanburg, SC


Tietex International is the world’s largest global manufacturer of a broad and diverse range of stitchbonded non-woven fabrics. Benton Roofing has had the pleasure of handling all of their service and repair work over the past 4 years. Additionally, we have completed approximately 95,425 square feet of roof replacement for them.

Problem & Solution

Tietex needed a reputable company to come in and show them what their current problems were and how to fix it. We were able to work closely with their staff and design a commercial roof system that met their expectations and budget, all backed by our industry-leading warranty. We were able to repair roofs that we believed could be serviced additional years before a replacement would be necessary.

We also offered guidance on how to move forward with a roof that was installed by another contractor. Unfortunately, the material installed by the other contractor was failing. Benton Roofing was able to identify the problem with the existing roof system and show first hand how it was failing. We provided supporting documentation in order for them to go back to the roofing system manufacturer in order to make a claim and get it covered under the warranty.

They were not sure what areas of their roof were wet and needed to be replaced. Our team performed a moisture test and provided a full report of the areas on their existing roof that needed to be replaced and the areas that could be repaired or roofed over.

Tietex had a limited budget, but we were able to work with them by dividing their roof up into sections and complete it over multiple years. On a different property adjacent to the building, we were able to extend the life of their roof an additional 3 years so they could budget for a roof replacement in the future.

Commercial Single Ply Roof installed on Tietex in Spartanburg, SC by commercial roofer Benton Roofing