What To Consider When Replacing a Warehouse Roof

A warehouse roof protects important aspects of your business. When you are ready to make a replacement, it’s not always as easy as just deciding to put new shingles on the roof as you would for your residence. Warehouse roofing is a specialized type of commercial roofing. Typically, a warehouse roof is flat. Here are some things to think about when your warehouse roof needs to be replaced.

Start With an Assessment

Flat roofs are complex. You can’t simply assume that multiple leaks mean that you need to completely replace the roof. Drainage problems are common, which can cause many other issues. We recommend that you have a complete inspection to determine if any concerns need to be addressed before replacing the warehouse roof. Finding the root cause of your problem and fixing it can reduce future headaches.

The Age and Warranty Status of the Warehouse Roof

The average warehouse roof lasts around 20 years, but there are a lot of variables that can change that figure. The materials, the elements, and your maintenance schedule can extend or shorten the lifespan of your roof. A roof that isn’t as close to the end of its lifespan may be repaired more effectively. You may also have to consider the warranty when replacing or making repairs. You should check with your insurance company to find out if you have any remuneration through them.

The Future of the Building and Your Business

Replacing a warehouse roof is expensive, so think about your future goals in your business. Are you thinking of moving any time in the next two to three years? Is your business trying to be eco-conscious and considering installing solar panels? Will your roof need to increase its structural load to handle foot traffic? Are you going to keep using the building as a warehouse? You may also want to check for local, state, and federal tax incentives for businesses that are upgrading their roof.

What Type of Maintenance Can You Provide?

Some types of warehouse roofs require more maintenance than others. What weather conditions will your roof have to deal with? You may want to consider these things when determining what type of roof will be most effective for you. Consider your initial investment as well as the long-term costs of your warehouse roof before deciding on the type of roof you want or need.

Types of Warehouse Roofs

Warehouse roofing comes in different materials. Here are some of the options:

  • Asphalt shingles: Although asphalt isn’t a common material for flat roofs, you can still choose this option. You’ll have many choices in styles and colors.
  • Liquid-applied roofing material: This material is usually applied to your existing warehouse roof for extra protection and to prevent water damage by filling in cracks and gaps.
  • Metal roofs: Aluminum roofs are in-demand because they do have such a long lifespan. The initial investment may be greater, but metal roofs also offer many benefits, such as being more fire-resistant and more durable than other types of roofs.
  • Polymer modified bitumen: This is a strong material that holds up to ultraviolet exposure with exceptional strength and durability.

A good commercial warehouse roofing company can help you understand the different options and how each roof type would work for your business, depending on the elements in your location. Ask about the warranty for each type of roof so you understand how that will fit into your business plan.Benton Roofing can help you find the right roof for your warehouse. We offer a free quote after reviewing your current roof to find the right solutions that protect your business and property. Contact us to get more information from our professional team.

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