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6 Common Roofing Issues Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities Need To Know

Manufacturing and industrial businesses depend on high-quality processes. These businesses should take maintenance throughout their facility seriously because they want to give clients trustworthy products. One area that’s easy to overlook, but vital to keep in excellent condition, is industrial roofing. Company personnel need to keep an eye out for these six warning signs of potentially serious facility roofing problems.

1. Industrial Roofing Damage From Severe Weather

The majority of large-scale manufacturing operations use low-slope roofs. Commercial roofing offers many benefits, from energy efficiency to excellent durability. Unfortunately, any type of roofing material is also vulnerable to severe weather events, including hail, high winds, intense heat, snow and ice.

Sometimes, this type of damage occurs suddenly, such as with hailstorms. Other times, moisture penetrates gradually. This can happen after numerous freeze-thaw cycles in winter. Ice and snow weigh heavily on a roof, and the constant moisture can eventually loosen flashing or create cracks.

2. Tears, Cracks and Punctures

The care needs of industrial roofing vary significantly depending on business operations. One major factor is whether workers walk on the roof area, such as to perform maintenance on refrigeration equipment or other systems. Puncture marks, tears and other types of damage can have many causes, but excessive foot traffic is a common trigger.

Sharp objects, nails and leftover construction materials are also frequent hazards for facility roofing. Whatever the cause, punctures are more serious than many business owners realize. Even small tears allow moisture underneath the roof’s protective coating.

3. Ponding on Facility Roofing

The term ponding refers to standing water on a flat roof surface. Sometimes it has a relatively simple cause: clogged drainage systems. This problem can also be a warning sign of structural problems with the roof, such as inadequate drainage. Near the end of a roof’s lifespan, ponding can happen because underlying layers have been weakened by moisture and need to be replaced.

Whatever the cause, problems with ponding water need to be checked by an industrial roofing professional as soon as possible. Our team makes emergency visits for this type of inspection due to the critical nature of the situation.

4. Interior Leaks

This is one of the few warning signs that manufacturing facility personnel can see from the inside. The solution depends on what the cause is and how extensive the leaks are. The age of the roof is a key factor to consider.

Extensive repairs aren’t always cost-effective for older roofs because vulnerable areas can leak again. Replacement may cost more in the short term, but it can save money for the facility in the long run. It also reduces the chance of costly manufacturing interruptions.

5. Issues With Flashing or Seams

Ideally, commercial roofing should be as free of penetrations as possible to reduce the risk of leaks. One of the challenges manufacturers face with roofing is the need for a variety of systems for normal business operations. It’s necessary to cut access points for skylights, ventilation systems, refrigeration units, HVAC equipment and other rooftop systems. Over time, temperature changes can cause the flashing around the points to leak.

6. Blistering

Single-ply roof membranes can present problems with blistering. This problem looks like bubbles spread out in a small area. Blistering happens when small penetrations allow moisture underneath the membrane. As the moisture evaporates, it leads to air pockets.

The Solution to Industrial Roofing Problems

One of the most important ways to prevent major issues with facility roofing is to schedule professional inspections and maintenance periodically. This allows our team to catch potential issues before they cause serious damage to roof materials and underlying structural layers. Preventative maintenance costs far less than repairing structural damage to buildings, equipment or electronics.At Benton Roofing, we offer expert roofing inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement services. We help facility managers develop a customized program that takes business needs into account and provides excellent results. Learn more about modern industrial roofing solutions today.

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