Don't Let Your Roof Fail: When To Invest in Commercial Reroofing

Your business's roof is one of the most critical pieces to your structure's integrity. If it fails, so can your business. Find out more about how you can protect your roof and upgrade when it's time to think about your business's structure, the cost of repairs, and safety.

Superior Asset Protection: Commercial Roof Service & Repair

We understand how stressful it is to have problems with your roof. That is why we pledge to provide our customers with sufficient information to enable them to make informed decisions about commercial roof maintenance and repair. Download the guide to learn more.

Protect Your Hotel and Guests With Quality Roof Maintenance

Leaky roofs can cause extensive damage to your business. Protect your hotel through high-quality roof maintenance services you can trust. Our full-service team is here to provide you with excellent service through open communication, honesty, and professionalism.

Commercial Roofing Precautions: Keeping Job Sites Safe

Benton Roofing is committed to safety — we’re serious about keeping jobsites safe. Our expert roofers work in accordance with the latest safety procedures, and our commitment to safety doesn’t end at the job site. We make sure every aspect of our business is as safe as possible.

The Commercial Roofing Maintenance Guide: A Reference for Property Managers & Business Owners

Commercial roofing maintenance can be expensive, but it’s worth the cost. As our new comprehensive roofing guide illustrates, regular maintenance services can actually save business owners money in the long run. Download the guide to learn how.

Managing Multiple Properties: Keeping Your Roof In Shape

When you need commercial roofing services, you need a roofing contractor you can trust. This is especially true when you're managing multiple properties. Let Benton Roofing handle the hassle of roof repair. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we're on the job.

Professional Roof Maintenance for Industrial Facilities

Putting off roof repairs at your industrial facility? Let Benton Roofing show you a different way to extend the life of your roof! We offer preventative roof maintenance plus long-term strategies that protect your assets and people.

Critical Care for Healthcare Roofing

Healthcare roofing is a critical component of patient care, and choosing the wrong contractor can cost you millions in lost revenue. Installing a high-quality roof will ensure optimal health and safety conditions to protect your patients.

Understanding Your Roof Warranty

Roof troubles got you down? Repairing a roof can be time-consuming, challenging and costly. Before you start fixing it up, get to know the in's and out's of your roof warranty and see what financial help you may be able to get.

Roofing in Education: Protecting Students & Community Investment

Well-maintained roof systems on educational facilities protect the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff and safeguard community resources. Is an action plan on your facilities curriculum? Benton Roofing provides immediate solutions and long-range strategies to preserve this crucial asset.

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