Commercial Roof Installation

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Benton Roofing provides value-engineered solutions for your commercial or industrial roofing needs. Our professional, experienced team will work closely with you to design a customized new roof system that offers superior protection and peace of mind.

New Commercial roof installation on Asheville Middle School

Developers, contractors, property managers, and building owners all along the east coast trust Benton Roofing to provide:

accurate commercial roofing estimates

Accurate Proposals

Multiple change orders and ballooning costs are an unnecessary, but common problem. We bring decades of experience and a high value for integrity so you receive accurate, upfront proposals.

Clear communication

Clear Communication

You shouldn't be in the dark about your project's status. Our team works hard to keep you in the loop every step of the way. Transparency is extremely important to us.

Quality Installation

Flawless Execution

There's no room for mistakes when it comes to protecting your property. We believe in doing the job right the first time so you can experience peace of mind and lower long-term cost.

Industry-leading commercial roof warranty

Industry-leading Warranty

Roofing system warranties are a big deal – especially when you are protecting valuable assets. We provide an industry-leading, no-dollar-limit warranty that provides unbeatable peace of mind.

Commercial Roof Installation

A quality roof is one of the most vital components of a building’s overall integrity.  Choosing the right contractor for your commercial roof installation needs can make all of the difference.  Since 1978, Benton Roofing has installed, repaired, replaced, and maintained thousands of efficient commercial roofing systems, making us the number one choice for commercial roof installation in the Southeast.

For over forty years, Benton Roofing has maintained impeccable standards of high-quality service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.  We strive for perfection with every roof and treat every project as if it’s our own. Our client testimonials reflect our high standards.  We are very proud of the loyal client base we have built over the last few decades, and we very much look forward to helping you in the same way!  

Commercial roof installation involves the construction of a new roof system on a new building or new building addition.  The Benton Roofing team is experienced in various types of low-slope roofing and steep-slope roofing techniques including single-ply roofing systems, built up roofing systems & many more.  We use industry-standard materials in all of our projects including asphalt shingles, wood shakes, standing seam metal, clay & concrete tile, & many more.  

We work with our clients from start to finish, helping them design customized commercial roofing systems that offer superior protection and a priceless peace of mind.  Our experience, expertise, and incredibly-high standards for success are what separates us from the competition. Benton Roofing is proud to be the leading choice for commercial roof installation in the Southeast!


Commercial Roofing for New Construction

At Benton Roofing, we know the commercial roofing process inside and out. Our skilled team of experts brings decades of knowledge to every project we take on, and we source only the finest materials. This ensures that every industrial roof repair or replacement is completed with the highest standards in mind.

We offer Low-Slope, Flat, and Steep-Slope Roofing Systems to our clients. All of these options are excellent for different commercial structures, and we can help you decide which route to take for your new construction or roof replacement project.

For new construction, adding a quality industrial roof comes after the building itself has been framed out, including the roof deck’s structure. At this point, we can assist you in choosing the right type of roofing system for your particular situation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to provide you with a roofing solution that is sturdy, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing as well. At Benton Roofing, we consider many factors when assisting a business owner with selecting a roofing system for their building, including climate, weather patterns, the type of business being conducted, and the owner’s budget.

Commercial Roof Types

At Benton Roofing, we provide Low-Slope, Flat, and Steep-Slope Roofing systems for our clients. Each of these options offers advantages and disadvantages, depending on factors such as the type of building, climate, and maintenance budget.

Low-Slope and Flat Roofing Systems

Low Slope and Flat Roofing Systems are ideal choices for businesses that need a low-maintenance, lower-cost roofing option that also offer extra storage space. Low Slope and Flat Roofing Systems also make it possible to add additional systems to the roof, such as solar panels or rooftop gardens. You can also hide large equipment more efficiently with a Low-Slope or Flat Roofing System, making them ideal for businesses utilizing these types of tools.

On the downside, Low-Slope and Flat Roofing Systems require regular care to ensure that water or debris don’t build up and cause potential damage down the line. Neglecting to remove water and debris from your Low-Slope or Flat Roofing System regularly can lead to expensive damage to the roof itself and what is contained inside your building.

Browse the links below to learn more about the high-quality materials we use for our Low-Slope and Flat Roofing Systems:

Steep-Slope Roofing Systems

Steep-Slope Roofing systems also offer several advantages, especially for buildings where space or storage capability is not the main concern. This type of roofing system is relatively low-maintenance. The structure allows water and debris to slide down the roof and be caught by the gutter system, keeping the roof free of potentially damage-causing elements. Steep-Slope Roofing Systems are also enjoyed for their familiar and aesthetically-pleasing appearance. 

However, Steep-Slope Roofing Systems aren’t for every business. If yours is a business where internal space and storage space are top concerns, a Low-Slope or Flat Roofing System would be a better choice. If you choose a Steep-Slope Roofing System, gutter cleaning and maintenance will need to be a priority.

Click the links below to learn more about the high-quality materials we use for our Steep-Slope Roofing Systems:

Timeline and Costs for Industrial Roof Installation

When you or your company enters into an industrial roof installation with Benton Roofing, we prioritize transparency regarding costs and timelines for your project. As each situation is unique, based on the type of roofing project and the type of materials being used, costs and timelines can vary significantly from project to project.

At Benton Roofing, we use only the finest materials and bring decades of experience to each industrial roofing project we take on. Our team of specialists is happy to offer you a free quote for your roofing project to inform you of our estimates for cost, timelines, and other elements of the project.

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Many business owners need guidance on whether a roof repair or a roof replacement is the best way to go for their industrial building. Our rule of thumb is, as soon as you notice damage – such as leakage, mold, or visible damage to your roof – contact us to come and assess the situation. At this point, an emergency repair may be necessary to stop the immediate damage from continuing.

Once the emergency repair is completed, our skilled team of experts can go in and assess what initially caused the damage to your roof. They will run tests for the age of your roof and inspect it for issues ranging from normal wear-and-tear to damage caused by rain, wind, hail, or other weather events.

As always, Benton Roofing prioritizes transparency and honesty with all of our estimates. We know how disruptive roof repair or replacement can be to your business’s normal operations, and we ensure that our repair or replacement process will be rapid, discreet, and cost-effective.