Exceptional Commercial Roofing Services in Brevard, NC

If you are searching for a company specializing in commercial roofing in Brevard, NC, you are in luck. At Benton Roofing, our fully licensed and insured team offers a wide range of roofing services to the Brevard area. We take great pride in serving various restaurants, hotels, investment properties, factories, hospitals, and other businesses. We strive to ensure all our clients are delighted with the result of their roofing projects.

Preventative Commercial Roofing in Brevard, NC

Regularly inspecting your roof and performing preventative maintenance can save you a lot of headaches. Preventative maintenance and inspections can help you avoid expensive issues in the future, such as structural damage, roof leaks, and unhealthy mold. With Benton on your side, you can catch any potential problems before they become too serious (and expensive). We can pinpoint your roof’s weak points, and our quality repairs will last years.

Custom Roofing Installation Options

As the owner of a commercial building, you have several options for your roof, including steep-slope roofing styles, sheet metal fabrication, and low-slope roofs. How you choose to repair or maintain your roof should depend on factors such as:

  • Architectural style
  • Energy efficiency
  • HVAC and refrigeration systems and equipment
  • Chemical resistance
  • Foot traffic

We frequently work with companies that desire attractive, long-lasting roofs that require little to no maintenance. Benton Roofing can also assist factory managers primarily interested in durability and performance. No matter what your roof needs, we can help you find a solution.

Emergency Roofing Repairs and Expansions

It can be challenging to predict the weather in North Carolina. Unfortunately, frigid temperatures, heavy rain, snow, and wind can damage almost any roof. The Benton Roofing team is here for you if you need emergency roof repairs. The quicker you make the call, the less extensive the damage to your roof will be.

Benton Roofing offers commercial roof repair and expansion services for an array of building projects. We can repair or expand the roofs on outdoor structures, covered pools, gyms, new warehouses, and many other remodeling projects.

A Leader in Commercial Roofing in Brevard, NC

Benton Roofing desires to be a leader in commercial roofing in Brevard, NC. We always aim to put our clients first, and our extensive knowledge of commercial roofing services is always accessible. You don’t have to handle your roof repairs alone. Contact Benton Roofing today to speak with a roofing professional.