Hotel & Hospitality Roofing

As a facility manager in the hotel and hospitality industry, you know that your guests want a safe, comfortable place to lay their heads after a long day of traveling. Naturally, this means spacious, well-kempt rooms, beautiful exteriors, and plenty of amenities. What you might not think about too often is how important your roofing is. Since you don’t view the roof every day, it’s easy to forget about it. However, well-maintained hotel roofing is just as important for RevPAR as everything else is.

We Help You Overcome Hospitality Roofing Challenges

Whether you need roofing for a boutique hotel or are looking for complete resort roofing, for any hospitality business this comes with a range of unique challenges. Commonly, hotel roofs are made of a variety of different types of materials that must accommodate a range of ventilation systems, plumbing systems, drainage systems, and other types of roofing penetrations. Because many hotels and resorts span multiple levels, it is also important that you choose hotel roofing that is attractive, often requiring custom sheet metal fabrication. After all, nobody wants to look out of their fifth-floor window only to be met with an unattractive roof that covers the main lobby area.

Other things we take into consideration include whether your roofing is multi-functional, what type of branding you have, and what are the local, state, and national fire code regulations. We’ll ensure your multi-functional roofing can accommodate your decks, pools, bars, and even entire restaurants, and we’ll do it all on brand with the rest of your business. Finally, we always take pride in offering service that is not only affordable, functional, and beautiful, but safe.

Our Hotel and Hospitality Roofing Maintenance and Repair Keeps Your Doors Open

A well-maintained roof is essential for the ongoing success of your business. Our roofing experts perform many different types of roof maintenance and repair services. Our preventative maintenance services help to ensure that your roofing remains well-kept for years to come, while our leak investigation and repair services pinpoint the problem and repair it before it costs unsightly or costly damage to the interior ceilings of your hotel.

The Southeast, and North Carolina in particular, is no stranger to natural disasters. Strong hurricane winds, unexpected tornadoes, and a range of other situations could find you in need of immediate and unexpected roofing repair. We provide emergency roofing repair services 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, allowing you to focus on keeping your business running efficiently and often without interruption.

We Take Pride in Your Business

Whether you own a boutique hotel or an entire resort, your property is important to you and your guests, and therefore it’s important to us. Our experienced, licensed, and insured roofing team is always friendly, informative, and professional. We aim to create as little interruption to your day-to-day business as possible, whether we’re performing minor repairs or installing an entirely new roof. Keep putting heads to beds and we’ll keep doing what we do best to ensure guests have an excellent stay in your facility. Contact Benton Roofing today to learn more about your hotel roofing options.