Blue Ridge Regional Hospital Mission Health


Benton Roofing was tasked with reroofing Blue Ridge Regional Hospital to solve its ongoing problems with ponding, deterioration, and leaks. BRRH is located in an area of the Blue Ridge Mountains that is accustomed to extremely high winds and sudden torrential downpours. These issues were taken into consideration when designing the new roof, safety plans, and material management.

Drone picture of a fibertite roof on a hospital


Blue Ridge Regional Hospital is a general services hospital that services Avery, McDowell, Mitchell and Yancey counties. It offers numerous services, including emergency, internal medicine, surgery, etc., and is the largest employer in the county. Benton Roofing was tasked with reroofing BRRH to solve ongoing problems. Their roof was flat and experienced significant ponding. Over time, the ponding water caused the roof to deteriorate and leak.

What we did:

Benton Roofing removed the existing roof, and designed and installed a tapered insulation system to meet building code and remove the ponding water problems. We installed a FiberTite fleeceback roof system was then installed. The completed roof system is leak-free and has no ponding water problems.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Blue Ridge Regional Hospital is open 24/7. Therefore, they could not afford to have any leaks or disruptions during the roof replacement. Our team was able to accommodate their schedule and working hours. As this was a full tear off, all the roofing we removed each day was 100% re-installed and back in the dry that same day.
  • The hospital grounds were very small and did not have a lot of room for material storage. We closely managed the material deliveries and were able to use parts of the existing roof as a laydown area for storage.
  • Hospital management requested that all parking lots remain clear for pedestrian access/parking. We were able to keep the hospital and parking fully operational during the entire roofing project.
  • Blue Ridge Regional Hospital had worked with another roofing company previously. Unfortunately, those roofers were unreliable, failed to show up on time, and were unable to fix the leak problems. Our professional team and quality service inspired hospital management to award other roofing needs to Benton Roofing. They chose Benton Roofing for the new Hospital that is being built in downtown Asheville, NC as well as other hospital re-roofs at Mission Hospital main campus.