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Essential Elements of Effective Facility Management Communications

Facilities managers need more than sufficient technical and organizational skills. Their teams must understand and commit to leadership’s objectives, making effective facility management communications a vital competency. Applying the following principles can help managers enhance their communication skills.

Set Goals for Effective Facility Management Communications

Facilities managers must first grasp their organizations’ specific objectives and definitions of success. Then, executive leadership can work with the facility manager in prioritizing the operations that best achieve the business’s mission.

Setting smaller objectives on a quarterly, weekly, and daily basis also helps a manager communicate effectively. The manager can tailor and organize information in a concise and digestible manner. Breaking a message down to its core elements ensures that a manager can deliver a clear and actionable direction.

Listen Attentively To Gain Awareness

The foundation of good facility management communications lies in being a good listener. Facilities managers can receive better intel on the facility’s inner workings by keeping an ear open to the teammates on the ground.

People hesitate to bring up crucial information when supervisors don’t listen or appear to be listening. Having an open-door policy helps a manager address challenges quickly.

Listening brings the added benefit of team members taking greater ownership of their work and pride in the property. The facilities will reflect this sense of duty and care in a top-notch appearance and operation.

Understand Optimal Communication Styles

How a manager addresses the chief executive officer differs from speaking with employees with boots on the ground. For example, facility managers may have to explain a few finer details of materials to demonstrate the return on investment for an item or action, such as commercial roofing.

For lower-level employees, the manager needs to break down decisions and initiatives from the top in a way they can appreciate. The focus should be on how the new direction works to each individual’s benefit.

However, the facility manager must also adjust to what works best for the team regarding their style and frequency. When managers understand what communication style works for the team, they can blend their strengths with it. In short, facility managers must be effective in their communications with both the team they manage, as well as their executive team. 

Think Ahead

Preparing for the future is an essential element of effective facility management communications. Nothing lasts forever, and techniques and tools become more advanced, so teams need to prepare to adjust and upgrade. Two vital areas demonstrate this need.

Roofing Project Management

A building manager or owner can easily forget about the roof because it is one area people need to interact with regularly. However, roofs are an essential line of defense and a crucial component for comfort. Understanding how to keep a roof in good repair requires knowing the common issues and how to address them.

Facilities managers should keep in mind the history of the roof and work with their teams to keep track of the following information:

  • The installation date
  • The materials for the roof
  • The system for ventilation
  • Records of maintenance and inspections
  • Records of repairs

Communication is crucial in having team members log this information and discuss any sign of trouble so that a minor roof problem does not become a significant expense. The manager also needs to work with a contractor with open and helpful communication to assist in efficient decision-making. Following these steps will ensure the quality of facility maintenance programs.

Tech Tools To Communicate More Effectively With a Team

Collaborative software can keep everyone current and ensure secure facility management communications on issues like roofing project management. In addition, maintaining records and communications on an app the company owns can leave a trail of what has happened. This can be particularly useful when a team member suddenly departs from a position.

Managers should calculate the ROI of different programs. Understanding the benefits can help them to make the right choice.

Find the Top Commercial Roofing Connections for Facility Management Communications

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